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Planning Your Site

Before you create your site, here is a checklist to ensure your planning is focused and your content complete.

Who is Your Audience?


1.  Are you a therapist, school, or supplier?

        Who is your target audience?

        What are the characteristics of this audience?
(i.e. educational levels, occupation, ages, etc...)

        Is the site designed to assist customers and suppliers?


What is your Business?

1.  Describe your type of Business / Organization.

2.  What markets are you pursuing (Business / Consumers / Both)?

3.  Scope of your business Local / Regional / National / Global

4.  Number of offices

5.  Number of Employees/Associates

6.  Is there a specific executive responsible for your site(s)?

7.  How often will your web site be updated?

8.  Who is going to be responsible for reading the e-mail that the website will generate?


Gather together the information you want to be on your site.

        Company Name

        Contact Information / Location

        Company Logo

        Images:   related to products and services - none to be larger than 20k for fast loading

        What are the main Categories / Sections or Page Titles for your site?

        Colour Scheme

        Highlights: what makes you special

        Key Employee / Management Bios

        Customer Testimonials

        Do you need a Guestbook, a Calendar of Events, or Video?

        Do you have enough typed text content for the web site?

        How many pages of information will you have to start? Do you expect this to increase?


Hiring a Designer
Once you have settled on a web host, be it or another party, you must decide what you need from a web company.


Are you hiring someone to:

        Plan the site?

        Produce the website only, or create your entire corporate identity - Logo, Letterhead, etc.

        Is this person going to teach you or someone else in your office how to maintain your site?

        Is this person going to create content (text) for the site?

        What special skills does this person need to have? SQL? Flash? Video Editing?

        Have you seen this person's portfolio?

If you have an existing site, consider these questions:

1.  How many employees currently contribute / build content for your site?

2.  How many are technical (html and other) programmers?

3.  Do you want to increase the number of non-technical contributors?

4.  Is your web site built by:

        An internal web team

        An external supplier

        A mixture of both

5.  Is any portion of your site dynamically generated (e.g., from a database)?

6.  How do you currently contribute / build content for your site?




Rate these aspects of your site (i.e., Good/Satisfactory/Needs Improvement/Non-Existent)

        The URL/Domain Name is appropriate and meaningful

        The surfer sees something meaningful within 8 seconds

        The Site Name and Product / Purpose load instantly

        The first page is less than 20K, and images are kept small

        The text is visible (and held steady) while graphics are loaded

        The navigation is accessible on every page of my website

        The navigation is clear and efficient

        The interface is pleasing and compelling

        Where business and products are based is shown

        The TITLES are meaningful

        The content is of a consistently high quality

        The content is timely

        The content is well-organized

        The content reflects your e-business mission

o   The brand is consistent (message and look)

o   The content is efficient  directing the surfer to related information

        There is plenty of opportunity for user interaction

        There are some free and helpful content pages for my viewers

        There is a special or incentive for my viewers

        There is a comment or feedback form for site visitors and / or clients

        There are no broken links

        The internal and external links on my website are only for businesses that are related to my core business

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