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Techniques Employed

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Social stresses such as work, family distress, and their relationship to physical tension are very real. The environmental, the emotional, and the psychic struggles that can ensue often leave their mark on the body, most commonly in the tissues of the neck, chest, low back, or abdomen these are referred as holding patterns.

Massage treatments can include Swedish massage, acupressure, deep-tissue and Trigger-point therapy, Trager, relaxation techniques, lifestyle counselling, progressive and remedial exercise therapy, energy work, somato-emotional release, and hydrotherapy.

Energy work originates from different spiritual healing practices around the globe. The two popular forms taught today are 'Therapeutic Touch' and Reiki. Energy work focuses on the electro-magnetic fields of the body, which envelop the body and these are known as the aura. The chakras (energy centers) that get distorted or out of alignment with trauma, sickness or injury.

'Aura' work clears blockages and realigns the energy meridians and opens up area where there were energy blockages. These treatments can fortify and invigorate the spirit, mind and body.

The range of treatments includes somato-emotional release, which is a form of applied massage that allows the client to explore his emotional holding patterns or, in other words, the way he holds emotional tension in his body. Over time, the client becomes aware of the wave or fluidity of emotional energy when the holding patterns begin releasing. (This type of focus is done safely in conjunction with the client's counsellor or psychotherapist).


Healthy Touch

Sociology has demonstrated to me the impact of socialization on human development and behaviour. The North American social precedent has been to move further away from humans ability to shear healthy physical touch. However, insights from the past show the value of healthy touch for our society. Knowing the importance of respecting the power dynamics in the exchange of giving and re ceiving is essential to a therapist.

Practising from a holistic (the natural human ability to heal), spiritual and feminist perspective, Anne believes in the integrity and intuition of the individual, in honouring a person's chosen path to health, and is sensitive to gay and lesbian issues. Anne’s Clinic is in the East Annex neighbourhood in downtown Toronto.  Parking is available.

Techniques Employed

    ·      Joint Play

    ·      Acupressure

    ·      Reflexology

    ·      Touch for Health

    ·      Deep Tissue

    ·      Pilates Method

    ·      Trager

    ·      Infant Massage

    ·      Polarity

    ·      Trigger Points

    ·      Muscle energy

    ·      Strain Counter Strain

    ·      Cranial Sacral Therapy

    ·       Alexander Technique

·       Waters Aquatic Massage Certification (2002-5)

·       Hot Stone Therapy by La Stone Massage Therapy

·       IMT Training (2002-6)

·       Thai Massage (Chiang Mai, 2003)

·       Abdominal and Breast Massage

·       Lifestyle & Medical Exercise Therapy

·       Manual Lymph Drainage

·       Deep Muscle Therapy

·       Cervical Spine Advanced Technique

·       Barbara Ann Brennan Energy Work

·       Dance (jazz, ballet, modern)

·       The best weight loss technique


[ image: chakras ]

Massage Therapy in Ontario is an Government Regulated Health Care profession under Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council (HPRAC). Massage therapists are trained in healthy touch, and as such educate clients and help facilitate good health practices.

Professional confidentiality is assured for all my clients.


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