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My Background

Anne realized the importance of hands on Massage Therapy after several years of study of Jazz and Ballet both in Victoria BC at Spectrum Dance circus and Pineapple Studios in London, England. As a physio and occupational therapy assistant at the Victoria General Hospital Gerontology Institute Anne was able to save up for her Massage Therapy education. Anne hopped, all the way from BC in her trusty Rabbit to Ontario to get her MT education at the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy.  When Anne graduated and became a full member of Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario (formerly OMTA) as well as having written and passed both the Ontario Board Exams, and as a native of British Columbia, the BC board exams. In 1993, Anne had massaged her way through Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Toronto by studying Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Women Studies, and Film. Anne’s many years of boardroom experience began at University of Toronto with her position on their Film Board, Camera Club and Executive Committee at Hart House. In 1995, Anne joined the newly formed Toronto Chapter of the OMTA and became the Treasurer and with a group of RMT’s began development of website.  In 1997, Anne was invited onto the RMTAO board of directors and accepted the position of Secretary; she held this position until 2002, when she accepted the interim Vice President position. During this time, Anne’s focus was on getting the infrastructure in place for the development of the current RMTAO online presence. Please see the Associations Page of for a link to the great RMTAO site.

Meanwhile as the RMTAO representative to the Canadian Massage Therapy Alliance (CMTA), Anne held the folder of liaison to the Massage Therapy Research Network. Anne’s committee involvement with the research network, in conjunction with the CMTO, became the Massage Therapy Research Fund that now resides with in The Canadian CAM Research Fund at In-cam research:,535,0,0,1,0 Please see the Research Page on for links to more information.

Anne work includes onsite with people from the music, film, theatre, and television industries.  Her clientele have included members on the set of Pippi Long Stockings, David Cronenberg's, The Fly members of the casts of Showboat, Sunset Boulevard, the Rolling Stones tour, the Emerson Lake and Palmer tour, Melissa Etheridge's Yes I Am tour, Madonna's Girlie Show, and onset work for Degrassi: The Next Generation, Ready or Not, Due South, Murder at 1600, Real Blonde, Hungry for Survival, and The Mighty, In addition to many who live in the Toronto’s Annex and Yorkville communities.

In 1994, Anne opened her own Massage Therapy clinic known as Anne’s Registered Massage Therapy. She invites you to come in for an appointment at her private clinic, nestled in the Toronto inner city neighbourhood of the Annex. Anne provides onsite massage therapy services to patients at Mount Sinai, Toronto Western, Sick Kids, Princess Grace, and Toronto General and Advanced Care Homes in the area. (Of course, if you have a massage table at home and are located close by, you can still book Anne for an onsite appointment.)

For 26 years, Anne has successfully and effectively treated clients with a wide variety of complaints with the beneficial application of proven massage therapy techniques. The scope of her practice is an indicator of the diversity of people who profit and enjoyt the benefits of massage therapy. People of all ages, particularly seniors, chronic and acute care patients, pregnant women and babies, enjoy the advantages massage brings to their lives.

“I would like to thank all of my onsite clientele with whom I have worked for so many years!”

Other Training

    ·      Joint Play

    ·      Acupressure

    ·      Reflexology

    ·      Therapeutic Touch

    ·      Touch for Health

    ·      Deep Tissue

    ·      Pilates Method

    ·      Trager

    ·      Infant Massage

    ·      Polarity

    ·      Trigger Points

    ·      Muscle energy

    ·      Strain Counter Strain

    ·      Cranial Sacral Therapy

·       Waters Aquatic Massage Certification (2002-5)

·       Hot Stone Therapy by La Stone Massage Therapy

·       IMT Training (2002-6)

·       Thai Massage (Chiang Mai, 2003)

·       Abdominal and Breast Massage

·       Medical Exercise Therapy

·       Alexander Technique

·       Manual Lymph Drainage

·       Deep Muscle Therapy

·       Cervical Spine Advanced Technique

·       Barbara Ann Brenan Energywork

·       Dance (jazz, ballet, modern)

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