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Injury Prevention and Rehab

Injury rehabilitation is a prominent part of my practice with two years experience in a hospital physiotherapy department. Jazz, ballet and contemporary dance have given me insights into the physical world of body dynamics and endurance and body language. Having explored Feldenchrist, the Alexander technique, and Pilates as postural and strengthening movement work I do my best to stay current with the newest remedial and progressive exercise therapies. Touch for Health, Chinese Acupressure, Deep Tissue Therapy and Relaxation Therapy are also part of my knowledge base.

I do my best to stay current with the newest remedial and progressive exercise therapies.
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Entertainers, Athletes and Dancers

Athletes and dancers enjoy regular preventive massage treatments not only to boost their performances but for comfort and care of their muscles, ligaments and nerves. Therapeutic massage is considered an important part of a healthy maintenance program as it also increases muscle response and flexibility. Actors, singers, musicians and many other groups of people who depend on their physical health, emotional sensitivity and comfort to work, are on massage programs that suit their particular lifestyles.

Computer Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries

Another example of people who benefit from a good massage program are those who do a lot of computer work (3 or more solid hours a day). Studies are showing that the accuracy of computer work is increased, along with efficiency, when the operators receive regular massage with simple follow up maintenance and corrective exercises. Offices that have onsite massage find there is improved operator comfort, morale and sense of wellbeing. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and chronic back and headaches are the repetitive strain injuries that often a result from poor ergonomics of the workstation and can be improved with proper care.


Massage is covered by motor vehicle insurance when you have sustained an injury in a car accident see your Doctor and ask for a referral. Many extended health care plans offer therapeutic massage as a benefit. Enquire at your place of work, at your Human Recourses department. Employers and the healthcare industry alike recognize that the benefits of massage therapy are vast. The simplicity and magic of touch is one of the aspects the makes massage amazing.

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Please inform Anne prior to your appointment about your insurance coverage, by putting a note on your file when booking, or let her know by phone or email.

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