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Fees - Regular Hours of Operation:
(From 5pm to 7pm Monday; 1pm-7pm Tuesday; 1pm-7:30 Wednesday & Thursday; Friday 1pm-6pm and Saturday 1pm-4pm)


For best results do not to eat ninety minutes prior to your appointment. Book yourself a minimum of half an hour of quiet time after your treatment to absorb the benefits. Do not do any heavy lifting that day, post-treatment. Health history forms are filled out prior to the session on your first visit, so come five minutes early. Your first appointment/Intake includes your health history, informed consent, massage therapy and may include prescribed postural, hydrotherapy and exercise therapy.

Massage is covered by Motor Vehicle/Auto Insurance, if you sustain an injury in a car accident. A doctor's referral is necessary. Many work and private Extended Health Care plans cover Registered Massage Therapy.

Rates as of December 1, 2015:

  • 30 minute appointment for $52

  • 40 minute appointment for $64

  • 45 minute appointment for $75

  • 60 minute appointment for $90

  • 60 minutes appointment for $158
    * The Hospital and Nursing Home Flat Rate. See below for more info.
  • 75 minute appointment for $106

  • 90 minute appointment for $134

  • Hot Stone 60 minute appointment for $142

  • Hot Stone 75 minute appointment for $165

  • Hot Stone 90 minute appointment for $199

  • Student Rate 60 minute appointment  for $85
    ** Student Discount rate. See below for more info

Please Note:  The first appointment is a minimum of 60 minutes and includes taking of a health history.

For appointments outside of office hours (starting before 1:00 p.m., or after 7:00 p.m. and must finish by 9:00 p.m.), or on Saturday's between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., add 6% to these posted fees. See 6% after hours.

SPECIAL RATES * The Hospital and Nursing Home Flat Rate is $158 and is valid during the 1pm  to 5pm office hours Tuesday to Friday. You must supply the Adjustable hospital bed or massage table at the site.  The first hour $158 this rate includes a 60 minute appointment, >25 minutes return car travel time and set up time.  $50 for each additional 1/2 hour. Add either Parking &/or cab fare to the fee. The area served is within these boundaries of the downtown Toronto area: West to Christie/Grace, North to St Clare Ave, East to Yonge St & South to Dundas St.  Anywhere outside these boundaries and office hours additional charges will apply.

**Student Discount Rate: Welcomes Students! This rate is valid for the 60 minutes treatment, between the hours of 1 pm to 3 pm finishing by 4pm Tuesday to Friday only. Your Full-time student card is required.










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Please inform Anne prior to your appointment about your insurance coverage,
by putting a note on your file when booking, or let her know by phone or email.

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