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Deep Tissue Therapy (DTT) Treatment


Deep Tissue Therapy refers to a deeper form of area-specific massage therapy done to correct the adhesions in your fascia. The fascia is most often compromised from repetitive strain, sprains, sports & collision injuries and as well as poor posture. These chronic muscle tensions are from your body repairing injuries, where excessive stress has damaged the tissue these thickened tissues are called adhesions. Adhesions commonly limit your movement & circulation, causing an increase pain and inflammation to the areas involved.

For the DTT little or no oils are used, promoting access to the deeper muscular and fascia structures. Soothing massage techniques are also employed during the treatment in order to relax the musculature to reach the deeper layers of tissue. The fascia is superficial or subcutaneous below the surface of the skin layers, deep (or muscle layers) & visceral fascia (encasing the organs). The tissue fibers of collagen that stabilize, contain and differentiate muscles & organs.

Also MT treatments can include

Passive or active stretching, kept within the normal anatomical range of movement, is often involved in a treatment plan.  Massage therapy also uses a variety of hydrotherapy, remedial exercise, progressive exercise, strengthening exercise, and joint play.

The many ailments can benefit from  Massage Therapy such as:

Circulatory system issues Edema, High Blood Pressure,& Diabetes.

Central Nervous system issues Hemiplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsonism,  Spinal Cord Injury, Epilepsy

Musculoskeletal concerns: spasms, contusions, osteoporosis, bursitis, shin splints, tendonitis torticollis, whiplash, tension headaches, sprains, strains, dislocations, trigger points. Pathologies Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, myalgic encephalomyelitis.

Peripheral Nervous system issues: carpal tunnel , bell's palsy, erbs palsy, nerve lesions, thoracic outlet, neuralgia, neuritis.

Postural concerns: scoliosis, ples planus, hyperlordosis, pregnancy, hyper kyphosis.

Respiratory issues: sinusitis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, & asthma


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