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Hot Stone Massage Therapy

The Deep soothing heat enhances relaxation of the soft tissues, muscles and sooths the nervous system. The warm stones manually applied with the Swedish massage technique allows access to the deeper tissues layers, and therefore a deeper sense of relaxation.

This is a geothermal (earth + heat) technique, and are a form of hydrotherapy because the Basalt Stones are heated by water. The Basalt Stones are dark volcanic rock with high levels of iron, and are able to absorb and retain heat. Selected for their smoothness, Basalt has a fined grained mineral texture caused by the molten rock rapid cool down that reduces large mineral growth in the stones as they form. The Basalt Stones I have selected were found in riverbeds in North America.

This extraordinary treatment is not recommended for people who do not enjoy additional heating of their body.

Hot Stone Massage therapy is also recommended for travelers, the grounding properties, to lessen the feelings of jet lag, like Registered Massage Therapy helps quicken the return of homeostasis and balance.  

To book a Hot Stone Treatment with me click the "Book Me" button on this page.

Please note while you are making the appointment there is a 30 minute pre and post preparation time slotted both sides of this treatment. For example if you book a 4 pm treatment the booking will need to have those 30 minutes available, so the required time would be from 3:30 to 5:30pm for the 4 pm treatment.


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