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You know I love my Epsom salt baths ;)
Epsom Salts = Magnesium and Sulfate

Research on Magnesium is proving one can age more gracefully.

Magnesium deficiency and misinformation is cleared up with Dr. Carolyn Dean discussions regarding our depleted food sources, due to many environmental issues including Monsanto's roundup. Carolyn discusses what one can do circumvent it.

First a bit of background:

Carolyn Dean was my MD before she left Ontario in 1988 with Carolynís work on Candidiasis it became clear that sugar was a problematic. Carolyn was finding that sugar was bad for the body and this upset the sugar companies.

At this time Toronto lost Dr. Carolyn Dean to the US.

Benefits of magnesium:

  • helpful with sleep problems

  • restless leg

  • aches

  • anxiety

  • chronic fatigue

  • depression

  • stiffness, such as heart, MS, IBS to name a few.

Carolyn explains the compromises we often don't know we are making via supplements and the importance of magnesium absorption including vitamin D issues and calcium. And how more than 7 alcohol drinks a week, decreases your magnesium. Some of the problems with the side effects from the use of the antibiotic in the Cipro family. Also, how to handle the careful management your calcium not to take too much due to clogging arteries, heart problems and brittleness in bones.

Here is a link to her Radio spot in US coast to coast online:

Free download about magnesium:

I hope you find this simple nutritional information great news for our family's health.

Anne Perera, RMT BA

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